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The purpose of this course, Guide for Emergency Evacuation of Passengers from Elevating Devices, based on the ASME A17.4, is to provide the guidelines and familiarization on different types of elevating devices, and training on the safe and proper procedures for emergency service agencies, as defined by the  Emergency "911" Act, to be followed when extracting people from elevating devices in emergency situations.

There are three different courses available, Course A, B and C. Each course covers different types of elevating devices. The type of course provided in a particular locale will be based on the type of elevating devices in that area.

The course is presented under the auspices of, and in association with, the Provincial Elevator Authority.

Further information on the type of course available in your locale can be provided upon request.



Establishing and/or discussing the protocol with regards to responding to elevator entrapments.
2. Rescue team organization and duties of members of the team.
3. Familiarization of the different types of elevating devices covered by the course.
4. The required equipment and proper tools the team should have prior to attempting a rescue.
5. Establishing current contact list of registered elevator maintenance contractors that operate in the locale.
6. The proper and safe use of elevator hoistway access keys, unlocking devices, send away switches, etc.
7. Knowledge of elevator electrical disconnect switches, their location and function. Understanding stored energy of elevating devices.
8. Knowledge of the emergency escape hatch(s) located in the elevator car cab.
9. Understanding certain elevator equipment terminology.
10. Review of the ASME A17.4 Guide for Emergency Personnel.
11. Understanding certain elevator emergency operational features such as firefighters control, special emergency service, elevator emergency recall, etc.
12. Discuss the protocol for lock out tag out procedures of elevator(s) and their disconnect switches.


A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course. The Certificate is recognized by the Chief Elevator Inspector for the Provincial Elevator Authority with regards to emergency extraction of passengers from elevating devices.



All emergency responders and/or first responders as defined by the Emergency "911" Act, and / or as defined by management, that would be called upon to respond to an emergency evacuation of passengers from elevating devices.

$350.00 plus HST per person. This could vary depending on the class of course provided and location of course. Further details can be provided upon request. Participants are expected to provide their own transportation, meals, accommodations, etc. The course is subject to a minimum number of participants. Method of payment by cheque or cash. Credit cards not accepted.

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