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Scotia Elevator Consulting Limited.

Scotia Elevator Consulting Limited is a full service vertical transportation-consulting firm offering a wide range of professional services, which include field surveys, layouts, inspections, and preparation of specifications. The list below provides unique examples of the many types of services we commonly provide. If you would like our experienced team to contact you with a quote or with further information about any of our services, please email scotia@scotiaelevator.com and we will reply right away.

Other services we provide include:

Pre-Purchase/Modification Assessments:

(Physical Due Diligence). Providing you with the elevator data necessary to make an accurate decision on building purchases, modification and financing arrangements.

Contract Review and Renegotiations:

We will conduct a formal review of your existing maintenance contract and assist with negotiating a modified or new agreement that will reflect the owners interest and today’s economic conditions.

Elevator Performance Audits and Evaluations:

Our series of audits will identify areas of efficiency and existing shortfalls that may impact the optimum flow of passenger traffic during peak and off peak hours. The elevator evaluation enables you to determine the quality of your maintenance program.

ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Elevator Code Compliance:

Provides services to assure compliance with code requirements with particular regard to liaison between the Department of Environment and Labour, Public Safety Division, Elevator Inspection Branch and the Owner’s Representative.

Feasibility Surveys:

We assist you with determining the short and long-term viability of a particular elevator system and what is required to ensure peak performance.

Construction Design:

Scotia works closely with the architectural community in areas of building design and the elevator construction phases of a project. We are available to assist with bid analysis, preparation of specifications, code compliance as well as equipment acceptance and field monitoring. Preparation of traffic studies, specifications and tender package for new projects and/or existing installations. Follow-up field-testing and inspections.

Expert Witness Testimony, Accident Investigations, and Insurance Claim Evaluations:

A thorough analysis of insurance claims will minimize potential payouts, which ultimately increases your insurance premiums. In the event of such a situation, our consultants will conduct a complete investigation and provide expert testimony if required. Through our association with a few of the local engineering firms we are able to provide complete engineering services for electrical, structural, environment, etc., relative to our elevator work, should the need arise.

With over 25 years of experience in the vertical transportation industry, and the ability to enlist the support of other associates considered vertical transportation experts in the industry, Scotia Elevator Consulting Limited offers the experience and resources that will effectively serve your interests.


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