Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)  
Q. If we are considering modernization or upgrading our existing elevator system, are we limited to the OEM (original equipment
A. Absolutely not, with the preparation of the proper elevator specification tender you can request competitive quotations knowing that the
  tender documents will specify the performance level that is required from the equipment upon completion of the modernization/upgrade program.
Q. With regard to the ongoing maintenance/service of the elevators/escalators, are we limited to dealing only with OEM (original equipment
A. For the most part, no. There are a number of independent elevator parts manufacturing companies that manufacture exclusively elevator
  parts for all types and manufacturers of elevating equipment. However, an assessment must be carried out on those elevator companies
  proposing to tender on the maintenance/service to ascertain that they have the necessary skills and technical support system in place in the
  event they encounter major breakdowns.

When purchasing new elevators and/or modernization programs, caution should be exercised that the equipment is properly specified clearly stating that non-proprietary equipment is supplied. With proprietary products only the manufacturer of that equipment has access to the “service tool” to properly perform troubleshooting/repairs in the event that trouble develop with the circuitry /solid state components. The elevator contractor should be selected and retained based on customer satisfaction and not because only they have access to the service tool.

In the even you should be considering tendering your elevator maintenance, you should identify if any of your equipment is proprietary. Those bidding should address this matter and provide documentation that satisfies you that in the event of electrical circuit problems or damage to the equipment, be it solid state cards or components, they have access to the necessary support and/or parts as required to keep your equipment operating properly.


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