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Scotia Elevator Consulting Limited was established with the mission to provide elevator-consulting services that would maximize the performance, safety, and economical benefits of the vertical transportation systems of their clients.


Realizing the huge investment that building owners/managers have in their elevating systems, Scotia’s objective is to assist their clients to gain the maximum performance and life expectancy from their equipment as well as cost savings while minimizing the liability exposures that are inherent with all vertical transportation systems.


Today’s competitive real estate market demands efficiency at lower operating costs and we are committed to delivering those results in vertical transportation related matters. Our firm is successful because we know the elevator industry and we keep out overhead down. This operating principle provides value to our clients who are in need of service evaluations, inspections, modernization of project and new installations.


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Jamie MacDougall BBA, QEI,

3845 Joseph Howe Drive Ste. 102

Halifax, NS
B3L 4H9

Phone: 902.457.0026

Cell: 902.456.3556

Fax: 902.457.0567





Extensive training and experience in the construction building industry with emphasis on electrical/mechanical, which provided me with the technical knowledge to understand and interpret specifications and drawings.


Assisting on many projects with architectural and engineering design teams doing traffic studies, specifications, budget pricing and subsequently tendering on several of those projects.




Attended St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish NS.  1977-1982. Graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) major in Management. 
Attained Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) designation through the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International in 2013.

Completed elevator educational programs with Otis Elevator including Designing/ Elevatoring a Building, Modernization Products and Upgrades, Elevator Maintenance and Service Repairs, and New Equipment Design.

Completed St. John’s Ambulance First Aid training and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training.
Completed WHIMIS (Hazardous Material) training safety course.

About Scotia Elevator Consulting Limited:

Scotia Elevator Consulting Services Limited was established in 1996. Over the next 11 years it became the leader in elevator consulting throughout Atlantic Canada. In 2007 Jamie MacDougall joined the firm after 17 years of service with Otis Canada Inc. The firm continued to grow market share with Jamie as part of the team. After working for 24 years in the industry (7 years as a consultant), Jamie purchased the assets of Scotia Elevator Consulting in 2014. As part of the asset purchase, the name of the company was changed to Scotia Elevator Consulting Limited. Scotia Elevator Consulting Limited continues to provide the same first rate service that its clients have come accustomed to receiving since 1996.


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